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Advanced Spares prides itself on its team of professional OEM engineers with their in-depth knowledge and collective years of experience. We create and design with precision and passion, utilising our 3D CAD systems and CNC machine facility we produce made to order parts as and when required. By reducing lead times we can offer quality of part and delivery in our one stop shop approach to manufacturing.

Our re-manufacture process is absolute and without compromise, we update our materials for safety and compliance bringing new materials, technology and longevity to existing legacy assemblies and equipment.


My Name is Riccardo Bucciarelli and I founded Advanced Spares to deliver high quality cost effective ion implanter spares to a market limited of supply and ownership.

In my career history I was fortunate to work with an industry leading semiconductor giant, over a seventeen year period I covered a variety of positions from sub-assembly, system manufacture, system test and key business unit TPS based in Taiwan. Fast moving engineering technology and innovation resulted in a special commitment and work ethic that is still with me to this day.

Whilst we re-manufacture as many spares and assemblies as possible we continue to battle obsolescence and component supply. Advanced Spares therefore adopts innovative processes to achieve its goals and maintain our customers’ spares supply chain.


We have the availability for the development of new projects as well as legacy refurbishment and we look forward to your enquiries and future collaboration.


Riccardo Bucciarelli


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